Revolt has been introduced as a purpose driven product – portable, enriched, recreational oxygen which is committed to giving our community the chance to breathe pure oxygen.

It starts with a breath! When this very act, the basis of our existence is in danger, it’s time to wake up and take notice. Oxygen is critical to our survival, the alarming rate at which we’re destroying our world, it has become detrimental to our existence – it needs our help.

Let’s start by revolting against this degradation, and make this world cleaner; one breath at a time. With an approach towards consciously fighting climatic degradation the product symbolizes our capability to design better services and products that positively impact people’s lives.


With an ever increase in pollution, degrading air quality and modern lifestyle, we need bursts of energy to keep us going. Revolt is 95% pure recreational oxygen that restores our body’s level of oxygen and energizes us without any side effects. With 3-5 inhalations we are ready for life.

The product comes in two different sizes and can be used for different situations and purposes like: Adventure, Sports, Fitness, Pollution, Stress and Focus, Urban Life, Claustrophobia, Travel, etc.


Revolt is an honest initiative that was born when in 2015 It’s founder and CEO, Prakash Saraf was diagnosed with a temporary condition of dilated cardiomyopathy (heart enlargement) during his stay in Tbilisi, Georgia. In spite of leading a healthy lifestyle and meeting several doctors they were unable to identify the real cause. After his recovery, he chanced upon information that revealed that bad air quality is a major cause of deaths in Georgia. Bad air quality is a silent killer leading to heart diseases, stroke and lung cancer.

Revolt is introduced as a purpose driven product – portable, enriched, recreational oxygen which was committed to giving our community the chance to “Breathe Life.”


Prakash Saraf

Prakash Saraf

A man of acute business acumen, Prakash Saraf introduced Revolt, a brain child of his company Oxymeal Wellness Llp established in 2016.
An MBA from the reputed Cardiff University and a former director at Hi-rises Buildmart Pvt Ltd and Kiteflier Holidays Pvt Ltd, Prakash Saraf’s initiative towards making Revolt a reality initiated with him taking a step towards the greater good of our community.